Zoono In India

Zoono is represented in India by Bhardwaj and Co. Since it’s inception, Bhardwaj and Co. has a proven track record of highly successful and professional business practices in Imports, Exports and other allied businesses. Its sterling reputation, based on quality assurance and timely execution, has ensured the company's continued growth and relevance over 5 decades.

Bhardwaj and Co., has entered into a long-term exclusive agreement with Zoono Limited, NZ to import, distribute and sell the entire range of Zoono's unique, highly rated surface sanitiser and related germ care and hygiene products.

Battleground India

In the last few decades, India has rapidly progressed from being an agrarian economy to an industrial and technology powerhouse. Already one of the most populous countries in the world, now more Indians live in crowded urban areas than ever before. It has never been easier for infections to hop a ride.

This combined with major challenges ranging from poverty, unsanitary living conditions, an overburdened healthcare system, and a serious lack of awareness regarding contagious diseases, makes Indians even more vulnerable to pandemics.